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Ontopic is involved in many data integration activities, all focused on providing better services to our customers and on promoting virtual knowledge graphs as a superior data integration technology.


Ontopic Studio 2024.1 - Streamline knowledge graph creation

We are pleased to announce the new release of Ontopic Studio, the standard-based no-code knowledge graph building environment. We focused on improving the experience of some frequently reported user journeys. With the latest release, you can materialize your knowledge graph directly into an RDF file, run long-running tasks asynchronously, and document your project better.
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Review: Ashleigh Faith's take on Ontopic Studio

Ashleigh Faith, a respected semantics expert, reviews Ontopic Studio. Check out this episode of her Honest Review Series on creating knowledge graphs with Ontopic Studio.
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Webinar: Data Virtualization made easy with GraphDB & Ontopic Studio

Vassil Momchev (CTO Ontotext) and Benjamin Cogrel (CTO Ontopic) present this new product, that allows to create hybrid Knwoledgs Graphs from SQL data platforms very easily.
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Ontopic Studio 2023.3 - Include more metadata into your knowledge graph

The new release gives access to system tables. Making the system tables visible allows new fields of applications, such as building metadata knowledge graphs and cataloging data in the organization.
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Ontopic Studio 2023.2: Work better with your existing data stack

Ontopic Studio 2023.2 enables you to build knowledge graphs with enhanced productivity. You can integrate Trino, Presto, AWS Athena, AWS Redshift, and Google BigQuery. This version also provides a better experience when working with externally managed ontologies.
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Ontopic Studio Sql Access to VKG

Get more adoption for your knowledge graph

Enabling SQL for querying the knowledge graph, while maintaining much of the semantics, opens the benefit of well structured data to your whole organization. You can access your virtual knowledge graph from your favorite Business Intelligence software with no extra effort.
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Ontopic Studio 2023.1: Data Cloud and Usability

Ontopic Studio 2023.1: Access cloud databases and cloud datalakes. Better user experience and available also on AWS Marketplace.
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Academic License Announcement

Ontopic Studio Academic Licensing Program

Ontopic always had a very tight relationship with research and education. To make this relationship even stronger, we offer a free academic license to universities and other educational and research institutions.
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Release 2022.2 of Ontopic Studio is out

Better mapping with Ontopic Studio 2022.2.
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The Data Virtualization Framework: An accelerator for Digital Identity projects

We will talk about the Data Virtualization Framework, developed together with PwC, and how it is used in Digital Identity projects on April, 22nd, 2022.
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Release 2022.1 of Ontopic Studio makes mapping of your data into a knowledge graph even easier

The new release of Ontopic Studio is out! Have a look at the new features of our flagship product.
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A project to seamlessly integrate BIM and GIS

The project merges Geographical Information Systems (GIS) with Building Information Models (BIM) in order to create new solutions targeted at facility management and automating the building authorization process. The project GEOBIMM is a joint effort of Ontopic, Fraunhofer Italia, R3 GIS, Erdbau and ASM Merano and funded by the ERDF programme.
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