Most organizations don’t fail to make the right decisions because the data isn’t there - it nearly always is. The problem is that the data they need is, in many cases, not easy to use, more specifically:

Can you make the best use of your data?

You can’t get the detailed answers you need for your decisions

Do you know where to find the data you’re looking for? Is your data always up-to-date? Are you worried your data is a blurred picture containing hidden gems that you cannot exploit and turn into value?

The data exists, but you’re not able to extract useful information

Do you have to rely on specialists even for apparently simple analyses? Can non-technical people access the data and get the answers they need? Is it difficult to access the relevant data when using Business Intelligence tools?

Data is distributed over multiple data sources

There might be inconsistencies among the data coming from different sources. Do you know how to resolve them? If resolved, does it give you a coherent picture of the situation? Can you easily query the sources in an integrated way?

We can’t help you to make better business decisions. We’ll help you generate insights based on your data to make better business decisions.

Bernardo Rondelli
“ONTOPIC has supported us in several of our projects for public administration and policymakers, providing a very professional and dedicated partnership for semantic modeling and data integration solutions. They are a team of top scientists and intellectually-curious technologists, highly compromised with the social value of data and data-driven solutions. For our company, ONTOPIC has been and will continue to be an indispensable partner”. Bernardo Rondelli, founding partner and strategy director of SIRIS Academic

Consultancy and training

Would you like to make your data fit for answering your very specific questions? Have you the impression that your data is presented in a way that makes it hard to use? We are experts in integrating and making the data available so that it can provide up-to-date answers to your concrete questions.

Extending and adapting Ontop

No other company has such a deep understanding about Ontop, the leading open-source software for creating virtual knowledge graphs.

Do you need a specific extension for Ontop? Is your favorite data source not yet supported? Do you have any great features in mind or a particular need that asks for an adaption of Ontop?

Support, training and consultancy related to Ontopic Studio

We offer all the support and training for our flagship product, Ontopic Studio, the unique mapping editor. We can cover the whole process of introducing Ontopic Studio into your organization, from analysis over PoC to installation and definition of your particular virtual knowledge graph, together with your experts.

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