Introducing data virtualization with GraphDB & Ontopic Studio

Create knowledge graphs from SQL data platforms faster and at a lower cost

Ontopic and Ontotext are excited to launch GraphDB Virtualization enabled by Ontopic Studio.

Enterprises can now create hybrid RDF graphs from SQL platforms (Snowflake, Databricks, etc) faster.

Users can decide which part of the RDF graph they want to materialize in GraphDB and which part of the data they want to keep and query in the virtual knowledge graph (VKG).

Some key highlights of GraphDB Virtualization enabled by Ontopic Studio:


Build KGs quickly and at a lower cost


Get better analytics while reducing costs and risk in production


Have the ability to expand an existing knowledge graph – use and reuse what your team has built


Take advantage of agility – Explore all, integrate only the data you need

Did you miss the webinar? Rewatch it here.