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Ontopic Studio is an environment for creating and editing Knowledge Graphs with no code. Connect to cloud and on-premises data, model your semantic layer as a Knowledge Graph, and deploy using open standards.

Make your data usable with Ontopic Studio

Integrate structured or semi-structured data from multiple data sources simultaneously. Connect with cloud data platforms such as Snowflake, Databricks, and more.


Use the powerful modeling environment for mapping data sources to classes and properties from the ontology.

Maintain a view from above of all your mapping entries: search, edit, and create new ones. Test your graph instantly with your own queries.

Build your Knowledge Graph using a structured, future-proof and solid methodology.

Onboard quickly, with no mapping syntax to learn and no SQL query to write to map your data. Ontopic Studio lowers the technology barrier for data teams. Focus on the “what” instead of the “how”.

Virtualize your graph

Materialize your Knowledge Graph or keep it as a Virtual Knowledge Graph and benefit from the virtual approach: no need to move data to a graph database and always receive up-to-date answers.

Take advantage of interoperability

Use Ontopic Studio in your current data stack. Have your Knowledge Graph project designed in the open standard R2RML format and deploy on any platform. The core engine of Ontopic Studio is Ontop, the leading open-source engine for Virtual Knowledge Graphs.

Meet the team behind Ontopic Studio

Ontopic’s team has an extensive background in virtual Knowledge Graphs and actively contributes to the Ontop open-source project.

Academic Licensing Program

Ontopic Studio is available free of cost to universities and other educational and research institutions within our academic licensing program.

Mail your request to a@b.c from your institutional mail account.

If you plan to have classes related to data mapping, please, contact us in advance. We can then coordinate the most effective way for your students to start with Ontopic Studio.

Read more about creating Knowledge Graph through mapping

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