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Turn relational Data into a Knowledge Graph with no-code

Ontopic Studio is a user-friendly mapping editor allowing you to create Knowledge Graphs from databases and data lakes while focusing on business concerns and knowledge rather than SQL queries and other technicalities.

Ontopic Studio's core engine complies strictly with open standards and is the result of top-level research combined with best practices to help you design large high-quality mappings productively.

Why Choose Ontopic Studio for Mapping Data?

Experience productivity

With Ontopic Studio, you stay focused on the data and the domain knowledge instead of being distracted by the technicalities. Large mappings are not overwhelming anymore, as you can search efficiently through them to get the picture of what is in the Knowledge Graphs. You can also test your mapping immediately without moving any data.

Deploy on any platform

Ontopic Studio produces mappings and ontologies in open standards, which many runtime platforms support. You are free to choose between triplestores and Virtual Knowledge Graph engines.

Integrate structured and semi-structured data

Ontopic Studio leverages data virtualization platforms to access multiple data sources simultaneously, in whatever original format they might be (e.g., JSON, CSV, or relational).

Onboard quickly

There is no syntax to learn and no need to write SQL queries. Ontopic Studio offers a gentle learning curve.

A Mapping Editor for Large Real-world Data Integration

Mapping is a vastly superior alternative to manual ETL scripts.

The Mapping Editor is the central piece of Ontopic Studio's editing experience. We designed it to make large integration projects of real-world data with hundreds of mapping entries approachable.

The flexible search functionality allows you to navigate through large mappings quickly.

Immediately test your Mapping

To help you maintain the flow and reduce distractions, Ontopic Studio provides you with a query endpoint, together with a query console, so that you can test your mapping immediately.

Use Your Data to Guide You

Pragmatic data integrators know that it is crucial to focus on the real data to keep high productivity, maintain acceptance for one's work and avoid getting lost by some unproductive sideway. Ontopic Studio gives you a quick overview of the real actual data in most situations.

Design Knowledge Graphs in the no-code way

Design Knowledge Graphs in the No-code Way

Tools often target people with a background in Knowledge Representation and Semantic Web Technologies. Ontopic Studio is different. With the no-code approach, anybody can learn faster and avoid beginner's mistakes. The terminology is accessible and every feature had to demonstrate its usefulness before we integrated it into Ontopic Studio.

The result is an editing environment that is highly accessible and productive.

Based on Open Standards and Open Source

Based on Open Standards and Open Source, like RDF, RDF Schema, R2RML, and SPARQL

The core engine of Ontopic Studio is Ontop, the leading open-source engine for Virtual Knowledge Graphs, to which Ontopic contributes regularly. This engine combines top-level research with industry best practices.

Ontop and Ontopic Studio integrate very well with other products: we firmly believe in the strict respect of standards. Use Ontopic Studio as a whole or for specific data integration tasks. It is:

  • a unique editing environment for R2RML mappings
  • an easy-to-use ontology editor for RDF Schema and Web Ontology Language tailored to data integration

Ontopic Studio follows the standards of the W3C related to the creation of RDF-based Knowledge Graphs (RDF - Resource Description Framework), which are also queryable with the SPARQL querying language.

Ready for Data Virtualization

Ready for Data Virtualization

The mappings generated by Ontopic Studio perfectly align with the requirements of data virtualization. Most Virtual Knowledge Graph engines, especially all Ontop-based solutions, work with them.

Alternatively, you can use the mappings for materializing the Knowledge Graph into the triplestore of your choice.

Read more about creating Knowledge Graph through mapping

Read more about creating Knowledge Graph through mapping

We write regularly about creating Knowledge Graphs through mapping as tech notes.

Read more about creating Knowledge Graph through mapping

Academic Licensing Program

Ontopic Studio freely available for academia

Ontopic Studio is available free of cost to universities and other educational and research institutions within our academic licensing program.

Mail your request to from your institutional mail account.

If you plan to have classes related to data mapping, please, contact us in advance. We can then coordinate the most effective way for your students to start with Ontopic Studio.

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