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Ontopic Studio

Ontopic Studio makes data integration faster, easier and future-proof. Shape your data into a primary asset and continuous source of insight for your company.

Innovative virtualization technology provides a thin, light, well-structured layer on top of your existing data.

Combined with a powerful editing environment, designed by world class experts in data technology and UI design, it's the most intuitive way to create Virtual Knowledge Graphs on top of your existing organizational data.

Ontopic Studio plays well with other best-of-breed solutions thanks to strict compliance with leading industry standards.

Ontopic Studio's Unique Advantages

Ontopic Studio makes your data easy to understand and simple to use for tasks like Business Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Ontopic Studio is a great team player, seamlessly interfacing with the most common data sources, following strict industry standards, and combining easily with a large family of data products.

Ontopic Studio shapes your data to improve its value right now while making sure it fits your future needs. The gains in data usability and transparency are a lasting asset.

Great things can be achieved incrementally, step by step. Ontopic Studio offers both an immediate return on investment and a future-proof data strategy. Start small and grow the value of your data. Focus on your most important needs, and gradually grow your Virtual Knowledge Graph in size and complexity.

The built-in ontology editor allows for quick changes to the ontology while integrating existing data sources.

Ontopic Studio gives you a quick overview on the real data in most situations.

Powerful filtering allows the developer to navigate even through large lists of mapping entries.

A New Approach To Data Integration

The Ontopic Studio is a new kind of data integration product. It was designed from the scratch with a clear focus on data-driven data integration, dramatically reducing the effort to structure and integrate your actual data for any application such as Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analysis, Data Storytelling and Dashboarding.

No-nonsense interface: The user interface focuses fully on virtual data integration allowing the user to concentrate on data and the data models.

Extensible and flexible: The data models and their mapping to the data adapt easily to a changing data landscape and to new use cases. Everything is under a strict highly automated version control.

No coding: No coding skills are required, neither in SQL nor in any other programming language.

Based on open standards and open source: The core engine of the Ontopic Studio is Ontop, the leading open source software for Virtual Knowledge Graphs, to which Ontopic contributes regularly. This engine combines top-level research with industry best practices.

Integrates with other products: The creators of the Ontopic Studio firmly believe in standards and the strict respect of those. The Ontopic Studio can be used as a whole or for specific data integration tasks, being a great environment for generating data models in the OWL2QL standard, a unique editing environment for R2RML mappings, a powerful materialization engine for data and for many other specific tasks.

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