Ontopic Studio 2024.1

Streamline knowledge graph creation

We are pleased to announce the new release of Ontopic Studio, the standard-based no-code knowledge graph building environment. We focused on improving the experience of some frequently reported user journeys. With the latest release, you can materialize your knowledge graph directly into an RDF file, run long-running tasks asynchronously, and document your project better.

Materialization to RDF

The knowledge graph creation environment gives users an even more complete and productive experience. This feature enables transforming the mapped data sources into an RDF file with a single click directly from Ontopic Studio. The resulting file can be imported into the RDF graph database of your choice.

The knowledge graph is materialized as Turtle, RDF/XML, N-Triples, N-Quads, TriG, and JSON-LD formats, optionally compressed as zip or gzip.


While collaborating, colleagues need to know more about the context of the mapped relationships. The new comment feature will make collaboration easier by enabling the possibility to leave comments on each mapping entry.

Asynchronous tasks

Ontopic Studio can now run tasks asynchronously so that you are not blocked by long-running tasks. Continue working, you will be notified of the progress of asynchronous tasks that are ongoing and completed.

Missing unique constraint alert

Missing unique keys is probably the most common reason for inefficient queries to the sources. The new version alerts the user about possibly missing unique constraints, adding better guidance for mapping development. A better mapping results in more optimized virtual knowledge graphs that answer queries faster.

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