Data Virtualization Framework
Photo by Vadim Bogulov on Unsplash

The Data Virtualization Framework: An accelerator for Digital Identity projects

A matter of Data Integration

Digital identity projects typically require the collection and analysis of access, profile and user data from a multitude of sources.

In the eyes of a company like ours, experts in semantic data integration, these are activities we are doing on a daily basis. Therefore we immediately recognized the enormous potential that virtual data integration represents for digital identity projects.

Working with the experts in Access and Identity Management

Together with PwC we developed an agile framework of tools to accelerate digital identity projects, increase stakeholder engagement and better prepare for the introduction of identity governance tools, called the Data Virtualization Framework.

We will present the Data Virtualization Framework on the invitation of PwC Consulting (Italy) on April 22, 2022 at the Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano in the context of an event entirely dedicated to the theme of digital identity, being in a line with reference companies in the sector, such as Okta and SailPoint.

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