Ontopic Studio 2022.1
published on 31 March 2022

Release 2022.1 of Ontopic Studio makes mapping of your data into a knowledge graph even easier

Ontopic Studio shortens the time needed for integrating existing data from relational databases and data lakes to knowledge graphs.

Its rich web-based interface guides you from the first steps to the fully functional specification of a knowledge graph without the need to write code. This translates into less errors, faster learning and increased productivity.

This new release allows you to stay even more focused, closing the loop from adapting the data model, mapping it to the data sources, and testing the data integration by querying the resulting virtual knowledge graph through the integrated query console.

Screenshot of the built-in SPARQL query console of Ontopic Studio

With Ontopic Studio 2022.1 you can navigate more easily through large integration projects through its smart searching capabilities, allowing you to narrow down on specific areas more easily.

Screenshot of the search functionalities for navigating through large mappings in Ontopic Studio

An intuitive authoring environment, both for virtualized and materialized solutions

Ontopic Studio is highly compatible with current industry standards, like R2RML, and highly interoperable woth your knowledge graph solution, whatever it is.

Based on User Feedback

We evaluated carefully the feedback from the users to improve the learning experience, the usability and the consistency of the user interface.

Ontopic Studio was designed by leading experts and field-tested in many real-world projects.

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