Academic license announcement Ontopic Studio 2022.1
published on 7 November 2022

Ontopic Studio Academic Licensing Program

Ontopic always had a very tight relationship with research and education.

To make this relationship even stronger, we offer a free academic license to universities and other educational and research institutions.

You can use Ontopic Studio 2022.2 for teaching, learning, doing research, and any other non-commercial means.

Ontopic Studio allows researchers and students to focus on the conceptual aspects of semantic data integration without getting lost in new syntaxes and challenging setups.

If you are interested in the Academic Licensing Program, contact us at a@b.c from your institutional mail account.

If you plan to have classes related to data mapping, then we’d ask you to contact us in advance. We can then coordinate the most effective way for your students to start with Ontopic Studio.

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