Ontopic Studio 2023.3

Include more metadata into your knowledge graph

Ontopic Studio enables building knowledge graphs from relational data faster and in a productive, sustainable way, whether you deploy the knowledge graph in a graph database or as a virtual knowledge graph.

Access to system tables

The new release gives access to system tables. Making the system tables visible allows new fields of applications, such as building metadata knowledge graphs and cataloging data in the organization.

Ontopic Studio gets multilingual!

In addition to the enhancements, Ontopic Studio has now become multilingual! This will further facilitate teams from around the world to work with Ontopic Studio.

More productivity for building knowledge graphs

Improvements in user experience are made of many small additions. Here we would like to highlight the newly added commit message in versioning. It helps engineers track the versioning and, therefore, gives a good overview of the project’s progress.

We are committed to making building knowledge graphs user-friendly. With each version, we continue to make our user interface and experience more intuitive and appealing.

Would you like to build enterprise knowledge graphs from relational data? Ontopic Studio helps you do it in a fraction of the time and resources.

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