Ontopic Studio 2022.2

Release 2022.2 of Ontopic Studio is out

Ontopic Studio 2022.2 is now available! The new features will enable you to work on your mappings even more productively than before.

Import your mappings

You can start over from your existing mappings in R2RML (or other formats) by simply importing them. You do not have to think about recreating them.

Inspect the generated SQL

Being able to see how your SPARQL queries get transformed into SQL allows you to better understand the mapping, making it easier to spot incorrect mapping entries and increase performance.

Navigate smoothly

When you have a large knowledge graph you can easily have hundreds of mapping entries. In Ontopic Studio you can navigate your ontology, data and mapping entries, while keeping an overview of everything and making use of the search function.

Screenshot of Ontopic Studio showing the SPARQL console for querying the integrated data

Scale your project without worries

Business requirements are always changing and knowledge graphs are always getting bigger. Our users require a scalable and solid product. This release of Ontopic Studio is engineered for performance on dealing with larger ontologies, mappings and amounts of data.

Ontopic Studio is a no-code editor for creating knowledge graphs from relational data sources and data lakes through mappings. Read moreā€¦