Introducing Ontopic Studio 2023.2

Ontopic Studio 2023.2: Work better with your existing data stack

Ontopic Studio enables you to build knowledge graphs faster and in a productive, sustainable way, no matter if you deploy as a graph database or virtualize.

With this release, you can enjoy more data source support and coordination with externally managed ontologies

Ontopic Studio 2023.2 now also gives more data sources support

You can now build knowledge graphs also from the following data sources:

  • Presto
  • Trino
  • Athena
  • Big Query
  • Redshift

Coordination with externally managed ontologies

Ontopic Studio is designed for working with your existing tools. In 2023.2, we made it easier for users to re-import ontologies managed by an external ontology editor. The system detects potential conflicts and proposes actions to resolve them.

Get to know more about these and the most powerful features that will help you build your knowledge graph in a more productive way