Training on Semantic Technologies
published on 27 June 2024

Training on Semantic Technologies

We completed the training on semantic technologies for researchers in the field of Digital Humanities from ISPC-CNR, focusing on their specific needs as researchers, including the need to release data in as FAIR data. The aim was to provide a broad overview of a contemporary and very pragmatic approach to semantic technologies and FAIR data, with much time for practical exercises. This training is organised around 10 modules

  • Module 1: Why data management is important for research?
  • Module 2: Foundations of Semantic Web
  • Module 3: Introduction to conceptual modeling
  • Module 4-5-6: Ontologies (RDFS and OWL)
  • Module 7: Populating Knowledge Graphs with structured data
  • Module 8: Data validation with SHACL (3 hours, online)
  • Module 9: Practical considerations and good practices
  • Module 10: Bring your own case

The training was done in collaboration with the Linked Data and FAIR expert Yann Le Franc from e-Science Data Factory and SIRIS Academic, a unique consultancy in higher education and research. Mail us, if you want to organize an in-house training in your organization.