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We empower organizations to understand and make use of their data. We do this by combining different data sources into an always up-to-date knowledge graph, which is easy to explore and allows for new insights and better business decisions.

Ontopic Studio - The no-code mapping editor

Bringing data from your database and data lake to a Knowledge Graph has never been easier. Create your Knowledge Graph with unprecedented productivity and ease using the no-code mapping editor Ontopic Studio.

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How can we help you making your data actually usable?

We have been doing data integration projects since the very beginning. Do you have a challenging data integration project and are looking for a competent partner? Contact us.

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(Virtual) Knowledge

We are leaders in Virtual Knowledge Graphs, and our competence in the Ontop VKG engine is unrivaled by any other company. We provide commercial support, development, and training related to Ontop and Virtual Knowledge Graphs.

Raphael Vallazza (CEO Endian)
“Many organizations have data that they do not or only partially understand. But there is great value in this data. Our clients and we have specific questions for which we are looking for answers. Ontopic manages to provide answers for precisely these questions. Through Ontopic, we can use and understand the data. We recognize connections that we did not understand before.” Raphael Vallazza, CEO Endian

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